12 Things Your Basic Home Insurance Will Unlikely Cover

Posted on February 15, 2019 by in Real Estate

12 Things Your Basic Home Insurance Will Unlikely Cover

A home owner’s insurance can help you in the case of a natural disaster or incident and is mandatory in most cases.

As you pay the insurance, you tend to consider yourself safe in any case, but there are cases when your home insurance won’t cover you. So, following are the 12 things your basic home insurance will unlikely cover:

Mold damage

By default your home insurance policy doesn’t cover mold damage, or it will do so for an additional cost. Ideally your home should be mold free to start with. If not, you need to prevent any leakage or flooding in your house and make needed repairs to never have this happen again.

There are special mold cleaning solutions that you can use and even professionals who can remove it for you.

Sewer Backup

If your house has a sewer backup system inside your house, then it can be seriously harmful to the walls, floors, electrical appliances and furniture.

This is basically not included in any insurance policy.

If you consider it a severe issue you can use extra insurance to cover it, as this might be available as a component of your existing policy.

Sink holes

Most of the insurance policies do not consider the natural movements for example earthquake or sinkholes as part of the insurance policy. But on the other hand, the exception is made in Florida. In Florida, sinkholes as considered as a part of the insurance policy.


You might consider flood as an event to be covered in your home insurance policy, especially since it’s one of the most likely event to do damage to your property.

Maybe that’s the reason why insurance companies don’t include it in their policy. Anyway, be warned, your insurance policy most likely won’t cover you for floods.

Construction work damage

If you need to do extensive construction and repair work to your home, beware that most insurances won’t cover for the damage caused by this.

Usually, the contractor has insurance for this type of liability, but do ask before you sign for the work. Otherwise, any damage will be covered by you.

Jewelry and fine art

If there’s a natural disaster, your home insurance policy will cover these expensive items as well, but, there are limits to this. To make sure you are completely covered, you’ll need to sign for a separate policy or keep your valuables in a more secure place.

Termite infestation

Each year around $5 Billion damage is caused by the termites in the US, The National Pest Management Association confirmed.

The bad news is this type of damage is not covered by your house owner’s insurance policy.

You’ll need to find a pest control company and get rid of your termite infestation once and for all, before your house suffers from any more damage.

Earth quakes

Even if it’s a natural disaster and you’d expect it to be covered in your home insurance policy, it’s not. So don’t expect to be reimbursed,  if an earth quake happens.

Stolen or destroyed cash

Since there are a lot of ways to actually abuse the policy, if your cash gets stolen or destroyed, your home owner’s insurance policy won’t cove this type of damage.

Make sure you keep your cash in a safe place, where it cannot be stolen or destroyed. You can invest it, keep it in a bank account or find a good place on your property to keep it safe.

Trampoline accidents

These types of sprains and fractures are caused by falling on the trampolines. They are very severe by nature and can cause serious illness.

To be at the safe side you need yet another insurance policy for that purpose as well.

Dog Attacks

Dog bites are usually not considered as a part of the insurance policy deal. Some companies exclude them at all that is said to be aggressive.

If your dog is from an aggressive breed and has already bitten someone before that your dog cannot be included in your house insurance policy.

You need to confirm this from your insurance provider to know about the exact policy.

Pool accidents

Pools in Residential Apartments are not considered to be 100% safe. They have a high value of fatal drownings as they are not safe for children, the insurance information institute confirmed it.

They can increase your chance of liability so you need to take care of that already.

We can understand why you would want a pool at your home, so, if you decide for one, there are special insurance types that would cover you in case of accidents.

The above-mentioned things are the ones that are mostly not considered to be as a part of your house owner policy.

So, you need to check clearly whether your insurance policy includes these things or not, if not then you need to buy the extra insurance policies for each one them.

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