Top Crypto Projects to be Aware of in 2019

The crypto world is always changing, always adapting to new challenges and always innovating different markets and industries with new and exciting projects. Cryptocurrencies are no longer associated with the Bitcoin market only; instead, they are gradually going beyond the scope. So, take a look at 5 crypto projects to keep your eye on in 2019.

Crypto Currency Projects in 2019

Facebook and Social Media Platforms

This may seem like a pipedream but crypto functionality is likely to be tested across Facebook and their subsidiary messaging platform WhatsApp. The idea is that Facebook wants to test the crypto waters and is looking to trial integrating crypto functionality (for payments and transfers) on the WhatsApp platform. This trial is likely to occur over the next few months and will be limited to WhatsApp India as India has a vast user base on the platform to try it all out.

There are other social media platforms looking to integrate crypto and blockchain tech with their platforms; namely, Russian social media platform Vkontakte is trialling blockchain tech in the near future to keep user information secure. With over 100 million monthly users, this is no minnow in the social media world and it could be one of many mainstream social media platforms to make the jump to blockchain technology.

These rumblings have also created a stir in the crypto world as developers are looking to launch crypto-specific social media platforms like the Alongside other successful social media crypto projects like Steem, 2019 could be a game-changing time for both crypto and social media networks.

Video Games are Making a Ripple

Yep, you guessed it, Ripple is pioneering the use of blockchain in the video game industry. With a $100m deal with Forte, it is going to provide funding for games developers that want to use Ripple in their software.

The idea is that as games become more social and online oriented, there will be a need for greater online marketplaces and in turn payment processing. Seems, Ripple is looking to knock Ethereum off the second spot permanently and is pushing for diverse ways that industries can integrate with Ripple.

This one is definitely something to keep track of, not only for the development prospects of games but also for the value of XRP. XRP already put a poor showing in 2018 and had a strong resurgence in early 2019. If mainstream games developers get on board with the Ripple initiative, then you could see XRP jump further in value.

CFD Trading with Crypto

Along with cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges are also working to bring new and improved functionality to crypto traders and enthusiasts. CEX.IO has long been one of the most well-respected exchanges in the crypto world and has now created a new trading platform. CEX.IO BROKER allows full crypto functionality and utilizes the principles of stock trading across crypto markets. One more advantage is that traders can enjoy high leverages for margin trading here. Namely, 1:2, 1:3, 1:5 and 1:10 leverages for BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, ETH/USD, ETH/EUR, and ETH/BTC.

This CFD platform will soon be downloadable as an Android and iOS app, meaning that crypto traders can make moves within the markets on the go. Currently, the platform is available online with full functionality across many markets and assets. This improved and fully flexible approach to trading opens up the crypto market to a larger number of traders, both novice and seasoned. Being able to diversify portfolios in this way provides a much greater sustainability that has been welcomed with open arms.

CEX.IO is always enhancing the trading sphere and always looking to pioneer new and exciting crypto projects. Make sure to check them out if you don’t already use them. They could be a crucial step towards you making a small fortune with crypto.

Medical Advancements and Integration of Blockchain for Patient Records

The medical industry is becoming a very attractive prospect for cryptocurrency developers, in fact. There are now many exciting medical based crypto projects. MediBloc is one such project that has really flown under the radar but is consistently adding medical schools, hospitals and universities to their growing list of subscribers.

Enabling medical providers to securely store patient information with blockchain tech, projects like MediBloc also create a stable record that can’t be interfered with. This means that the information being stored is more accurate and can’t be lost along the way, resulting in better diagnostics and patient care.

Many of the ‘medical’ cryptocurrencies currently have very low values as they are relatively new to the market. As they gain traction across the medical industry, expect them to rise in value. With each new medical provider they attract with their safe blockchain record keeping, they gain value. As a trader, you need to research a lot about each medical cryptocurrency and evaluate which one you think will gain the most real-world traction.

Pick the right project and you could be in for a windfall down the line

There are so many exciting crypto projects that are being launched or in progress currently. Make sure you read as much as possible to pick out the projects that could garner the most long-term success. If you make informed decisions early on when cryptocurrencies are at low values, you could cash in down the line as projects take off.